Experts by Experience influence Homelessness Action Group report

A new report outlines how people with experience of homelessness think the Welsh Government should tackle this problem in Wales. ‘Experts by experience: How we should end homelessness – by people who have experienced it.’ has directly influenced the latest Homelessness Action Group report.

In June 2019 the Minister for Housing and Local Government established the Homelessness Action Group. The group’s remit is to provide policy recommendations to the Welsh Government on the actions and solutions required to end homelessness in Wales.

At Cymorth we place a huge value on listening to, and acting on, the views of people with experience of homelessness. As a member of the Homelessness Action Group we organised engagement events in February 2020 for people to discuss their experiences and share their views on how we can end homelessness in Wales.

We held two events in Colwyn Bay and Cardiff, which were attended by nearly 80 people. They brought a huge amount of expertise to these discussions, based on their own experiences and a determination to effect change. This document is structured around the discussion topics from these events, with the key points summarised alongside direct quotes from the people who attended.

It has been considered by the Homelessness Action Group, resulting in amendments and additions to their report and recommendations to the Minister. The Minister has since accepted all of the recommendations in principle.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along to the events and contributed their thoughts and experiences to these discussions.

You can download the report in Welsh or in English.

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